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Found 4 results

  1. About The Voice UK As the BBC’s most successful new entertainment show in over a decade, series one of The Voice UK pulled in over ten million viewers and now it’s back – with more drama, unparalleled world class talent and some exciting new twists. The premise is simple: the search for the UK’s next great voice. Only people with real vocal talent will be invited to blind auditions, where each artist auditions in front of four A-list coaches but, unconcerned with appearance, their auditions are about one thing and one thing only: the voice. The Voice UK is all about helping the artists to be the best they can be, so they are supplied with help every step of the way, including vocal coaching and band rehearsals. The Voice UK is about nurturing talent and giving artists the best opportunity possible. The audition process is one of support and everybody who sings gets something out of the experience. The Coaches The artists are selected, mentored, and trained by four of the most successful figures in the music industry: Jessie J, will.i.am, Danny O’Donoghue and Sir Tom Jones. After selecting their favourite artists at the blind auditions, the coaches develop them through the remaining stages until one artist is crowned as 'The voice.' The Blind Auditions This year, the show's format is made up of four stages: the Blind Auditions, the Battles, the Knockouts and the Live Shows. During The Blind Auditions, the coaches are seated in chairs facing away from the stage, they hear the artists perform but don't get to see them. If a coach is impressed by an artist's voice, they push their button to choose the artist for their team, at which point their chair rotates and they can see them. If more than one coach turns their chair, the power shifts to the artist and the artist then has the choice of which of the coaches teams he or she wants to join. The Battles Once the coaches have chosen their teams, it’s time for battle to commence. Coaches dedicate themselves to developing their artists, helping them improve their vocal ability and sharing the secrets of their success. During the Battles, the coaches pit two of their own acts against each other to sing a competitive duet in front of a studio audience. Immediately after the battle performance, the coach must choose which artist will go through to the live shows. In a dramatic new twist for this series, the other Coaches are given the chance to Steal a losing artist from a rival Coach for their team. With only one Steal allowed each, the four Coaches must pick wisely, so if they missed out on an Artist at the Blind Auditions, now’s their chance to grab them back. To Steal, the Coaches must once again press their red buttons. As with the Blind Auditions, if more than one Coach hits the button, the power passes back to the Artist to decide which team they will join, and the Coaches will pitch for them once again. Once they’ve got their Steals on board, each Coach will have a team of seven. The Knockouts As the series hits the Knockouts, the Coaches must pick their top three finalists from their seven. It’s at this stage that the artists themselves take control. Each artist must select a “Killer Song” to perform. They will all perform their Killer Songs, and the Coaches will have to decide which three artists will go through to the Live Shows. The Live Shows At the end of the Knockouts, each coach will take 3 contestants through to the live shows. This is the final phase of the contest, the artists compete against each other during several live shows on BBC One and the audience get their first chance to have their say. Ultimately just one will be named "The Voice" - and will win a recording contract.
  2. IT’S OFFICIAL: The X Factor Starts Saturday 31st August And… we’re back! That’s right folks - if you have plans for Saturday 31st August, cancel them NOW because this is when The X Factor returns to your TV screens, at 8pm. And from the very beginning you’ll be getting a double helping of X Factor goodness as we’ll also be on Sunday 1st September at 8pm. Excited? You should be. To celebrate the 10th series of The Greatest Show on Television (you know it’s true) and to make it more exciting for you all at home we have made a few nifty changes. First up, the room is BACK as part of our brand new X Factor double-whammy audition weekends. That’s right, budding hopefuls will be doing their best to impress the judges in a face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball audition. It’s going to be intense, emotional, highly-charged and just plain scary – and the contestants will need to receive at least three ‘yeses’, before they can get through to the next round. If they do, then they’ll face a slightly larger audience. 4,000 to be exact, at London’s Wembley arena where they could become one of the lucky ones to make it through to Bootcamp. And, as you probably know (unless you’ve been under a rock recently), we’ll be seeing the return of rock royalty, Sharon Osbourne, to the panel. She’ll be joining Take That superstar Gary Barlow, US pop beauty Nicole Scherzinger and manager extraordinaire Louis Walsh, as they search for the UK’s next big music sensation. So, what we’re saying is… it’s going to be a good‘un! So tune in: Saturday 31 August, ITV, 8pm and Sunday 1st September at 8pm. The X Factor is BACK! - The X Factor UK 2013 http://youtu.be/1htiqv7sqF8
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