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Sequester (Web series)


Sequester is an online reality competition web series that has aired on YouTube since 2018. The series is based on the original concept of the series that originated as an online chat room reality competition show where contestants would interact in YouTube chat rooms with an live audience. The show would later turn into a pre-recorded live action series in the fall of 2018 with slightly different rules.

The show has been very popular with viewers of reality television. Season 2 was the first season to officially have a sponsor with the TV Party App supplying the $2,500 prize and streaming weekly Q&As and elimination interviews.




The format to Sequester varies from round to round based on various twists thrown into the game. However, there are a few major key elements that the contestants will always partake in.

Elimination Ceremony[edit]

At the end of each round, the contestants will be called to a house meeting for the elimination ceremony to begin. During the ceremony, each contestant will vote in private for which contestant they would like to eliminate from the house. The contestant with the most votes to eliminate will be eliminated from the house, regarding any twists. Once the jury phase begins at the Final 11, the contestants that voted into the majority would be revealed as a revenge target for the battle match.[2]

Wheel of Misfourtune[edit]

During an elimination ceremony, if there is a tie and it cannot be resolved, the players that voted will be entered into the wheel of misfortune. The wheel will then select one person at random to eliminate from the game.[2]

Final Four[edit]

The final four elimination ceremony is different from the prior rounds. During this ceremony, all four contestants would sit at a table and must publicly vote for one of the remaining contestants to be eliminated. The eliminated contestant then must immediately select one of the final three contestants to eliminate, creating the final two players in the game.[2]

Battle Match[edit]

After a contestant is voted out from the elimination ceremony, they will select two contestants to partake in a battle match. A battle match is a do or die competition where the winner will return to the game, while the loser would be eliminated for good.[2]

Two different types of battle matches take place. During the pre-jury, the eliminated contestant will immediately select two contestants to compete. However, once the jury phase begins at the Final 11, the contestant that would be voted out at the elimination ceremony would have a chance to save themselves in the battle match. As with the jury phase, the eliminated contestant would see the contestants that voted against them in the elimination ceremony and must choose one of those contestants to compete in the battle match.[2]

Locus of Safety[edit]

The Locus of Safety (LOS) is similar to the Survivor Hidden Immunity Idol. The LOS would be hidden at random inside of the house as a glowing disc. The person in possession of the LOS would be able to save themselves from elimination at either the elimination ceremony or the battle match. Once a LOS is used, it is rehidden in the game during the next round. The LOS is available to be played until the Final 6.[2]

On several occasions, a Super LOS will be introduced with slightly different powers. A person that plays the Super LOS will be safe from the elimination vote and cannot be chosen as a battle match participant. In addition, it nullifies all other LOS's in the game that are possessed by other contestants, in effect putting the game on a fresh slate.[2]


Once the game has eleven players remaining, the Sequester jury begins to form. At this point, every contestant that is permanently eliminated will be sequestered to the Jury house from the players and vote for the winner of the game.[2]






saison 2- 3 - 4


ps en anglais pas trouver season 1 






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saison 3


Sequester // S3 CAST OPENER



Sequester S3 EP1. WORST NIGHTMARE.mp4





Sequester S3 EP2. SEE YA NEVER!.mp4





Sequester S3 EP3. HUMBLE PIE!.mp4






Sequester  S3 EP4. ROYAL RUMBLE






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