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      The Amazing Race Season 31" Real tv showdown" 
      tha cast:
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      Million Dollar Mile

      About the show : Million Dollar Mile is an obstacle course competition television series that premiered on March 27, 2019 on CBS. Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is the host, with Matt "Money" Smith and Maria Taylor as co-hosts, and NBA superstar LeBron James as an executive producer. The course will shut down the streets of Los Angeles, while contestants running it will have the opportunity to win $1,000,000 every time they complete it. The contestants will have to overcome various obstacles along the course, including a group of elite athletes whose goal is to stop them from winning the prize money.
      Promo :
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      The Hangover Games 

      About the show:
      Presenter Matt Richardson and co-host Ken Cheng spring a surprise on hungover Brits across the country, challenging them to compete in an outrageous set of challenges, based on their antics from the night before, all for the chance of winning a cash prize. Under the assumption they are taking part in a documentary about British night life, a group of mates are followed by the cameras on a night out. What they won't find out until the next morning is that they are really taking part in a brand new game show. Groggily woken up to a knock on the door from Matt early the next morning, they will learn that they have the chance to win a cash prize if they can make it out of bed and take part in The Hangover Games. Each game will test their memories of the night before and they'll have to rely on one another's stamina, clear thinking, emotional stability and iron stomachs if they want to be crowned winners. Let the games begin.
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      The Bachelor UK 2019 Series 06

      About the show
      The Bachelor is a British reality television show that began airing on BBC Three from 30 March 2003 to 13 February 2005, before moving to Channel 5 from 19 August 2011 to 31 August 2012. The show is based on the American reality series of the same name. On 31 August 2018, it was announced that the show would return for a new 10-part series in 2019 on Channel 5 .
      The series revolves around a single bachelor (deemed eligible) and a pool of romantic interests (typically 25), which could include a potential wife for the bachelor. The conflicts in the series, both internal and external, stem from the elimination-style format of the show. Early in the season, the bachelor goes on large group dates with the women, with the majority of women eliminated during rose ceremonies. As the series progresses, women are also eliminated on one-on-one dates and on elimination two-on-one dates. The process culminates with home-town visits to the families of the final four women, overnight dates at exotic locations with the final three women, and interaction with the bachelor's family and the final two women.
      Series 1 (2003)
      The first series aired on BBC Three from 30 March to 4 May 2003.
      Bachelor: David Donald
      WINNER: None Picked
      Series 2 (2004)
      The second series aired on BBC Three from 23 January to 27 February 2004.
      Bachelor: Jamie Williams
      WINNER: Jodi Plumb
      Series 3 (2005)
      The third series aired on BBC Three from 9 January to 13 February 2005.
      Bachelor: Anthony Thomas
      WINNER: Lindsay Mann
      Series 4 (2011)
      Further information: The Bachelor UK (series 4)
      The fourth series aired on Channel 5 from 19 August to 28 October 2011.
      Bachelor: Gavin Henson
      WINNER: Carianne Barrow
      Series 5 (2012)
      Further information: The Bachelor UK (series 5)
      The fifth series aired on Channel 5 from 29 June to 31 August 2012.[2]
      Bachelor: Spencer Matthews, star of Made in Chelsea.
      WINNER: Khloe Evans
      Series 6 (2019)
      Further information: The Bachelor UK (series 6)
      On 31 August 2018, it was announced that a new series would be filmed this autumn in South Africa for Channel 5.[3] The new series is hosted by Mark Wright.
      Bachelor: Alex Marks

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